Kai Choufour is an interdisciplinary  conceptual artist living and working on unceded Lekwungen territory, also known as Victoria, BC. Since graduating from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, he has been a gallery director, public artist, exhibiting artist, juror, vegan cook, mentor, and friend. Through his relationships with nature, technology, and community, Kai explores ways of capturing natural phenomena and the propagation of wonder.

Artist Statement

My childhood was vacant in terms of media, technologies, and pop culture, filled instead with nature, art-making, animals, exploration, and garden cooking with my family. Now I am chasing a moment, building structures for missing feelings and forms for my past. I convey my understanding of the world by combining innovative underground technologies with contemporary and outsider art forms. I seek to put forth the impossible through metaphysical presentations. I see art and life as a hyper narrative with pathways connecting the physical, digital and spiritual. Art is an opportunity to get lost at sea; a place to explore and discover inventions of the contrary, push for natural technology, and conduct phenomenal investigations; an all-access pass to the absurd through comedic interventions. In my practice, everything collapses into itself repeatedly; song, poetry, architecture, literature, design, food, and visual art are tools for illuminating the past and navigating utopian ideals. Art offers reincarnation—the ability to become something new before it is even gone; like a dream, it fluctuates wildly, but its truth does not change. I believe that by exaggerating the present, we can put more emphasis on our future.


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